Professor McGinty 

This morning Professor McGinty told us all about his time travel to Ancient Greece! Comment below if you remember any information about life in Ancient Greece. 

The Ancient Greeks

This morning Professor McGinty arrived at Robin Hood. He shared all of his exciting tales about his time travel adventure to Ancient Greece! 

What interesting things did you learn? Comment on the blog to share your ideas! 

Finding fractions of amounts…

Find 1/3 of 15 pencils. 

 ✏️ ✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️

You can use real pencils to solve this. Share the pencils equally between 3 people. Then count how many pencils 1 person has. 

Represent this on a bar model. 

Mount Vesuvius

Next week we will be learning how to write newspaper articles. You will need to use this article to complete your homework.

25th August 79A.D.

Written by C.Pickering

Last night, the city of Pompeii was left destroyed after an active volcano, Mount Vesuvius, erupted killing two thousand people.

The first warning signs began at 6pm yesterday evening when a tower of black smoke was spotted over the volcano. Soon after, a wave of hot ash, heavy rocks and deadly gasses began to rain down all over Pompeii.

At 8.15pm the volcano struck. Boiling lava , burning rocks came crashing from the sky and began to destroy the houses. As it cooled, a tower of debris and ash filled the sky. People couldn’t breathe. For this reason, people began to suffocate and were killed instantly by the dense ash.

By the time the eruption spluttered to an end early this morning, the whole city of Pompeii was buried under millions of tons of volcanic ash. Many survivors waited until the dust had settled before returning to search for their family and friends, but there was not much to find. They returned to their homes to find it buried. Pompeii  was a ghost town.                                                      

Pliny,  who survived the eruption, spoke to The Roman Record: “It was undoubtedly the worst experience I’ve ever had. I believed I was perishing with the world, and the world with me!”

Today, planning has already begun to dig the city from its ruins. Sadly, survivors are not expecting to find anything other than frozen skeletons and household objects. As you can see this was the most tragic day in Pompeii’s history.